Britpop | Shoegaze from Milan!

The Backlash's music is made by a mix of Britpop melodies, shoegazing sounds and psychedelic atmosphere.


The main influences on the style come from the '60s British Invasion (The Kinks, The Who, The Animals, The Beatles), and the British music scene of the late '80s and ‘90s (The Stone Roses , Primal Scream, Ride, Oasis, The Smiths, Charlatans, The Verve, Blur).

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The band was founded by Francesco Lucà (guitarist and composer) and Luca Mangano (drummer) in October 2011, in Milan. Mattia Cochetti (bassist) joined and the band arranged the first song, "Great Big Chance". The voice of Alessio Gatto (singer) filled the bill; so the project called THE BACKLASH started!


Writing the earliest songs, the band mixed together the various backgrounds of the four boys, such as Indierock, BritPop, Shoegaze, Noise and PsychedelicRock.

The band officially made a first appearance in Milan’s music scene in early 2013, in a contest called "Emergenza Festival", winning the regional final which took place in “Tunnel Club Milan” and reaching the top 10 in the national final playing on the famous international stage of the “Alcatraz” with positive feedback from the audience and jury.


During the rest of 2013, The Backlash performed several live shows and established good relationships with other bands and leading figures in the underground scene of Milan.


An important support came from Dj Henry, pioneer of the Mod and Northern Soul scene in Italy. He was the connection with the independent label “Rocketman Records”. The Backlash signed the first record deal and recorded the first official work “3rd Generation”, a 6 tracks EP released in autumn 2014.


The release party of “3rd Generation” (18th October 2014) was a real triumph of British music, Mod culture, shoegazing sound and Madchester style.


The first single videoclip ("Spin 'Round", track 6 of "3rd Generation") was released with an exclusive preview on "Rockambula" webzine, the 2nd of March 2015.


Federico Corsaro joined the band as new bassist in May, just before the band played two shows at the world famous Cavern Club, in Liverpool.


The band released the second videoclip for the son "New Course" in November 2015 and toured France and Spain.


In July 2016 the band released the last single from "3rd Generation" EP: "Run!".


The Backlash is now recording the first LP that will be out in the fall of 2016.

"For us, the 60’s British Invasion and the 90’s Britpop (coming from both the Madchester scene and Shoegaze) are not just part of our artistic background: for us, they represent two periods in which we would have liked to have lived, not only because of the music, but also because of the social movements, styles and ideals that existed. We missed these two generation so, as we create our “3rd Generation”, we want to call you to join us in the seek of that feeling of being part of something that can be called a proper “generation” (something that today DOES NOT EXIST). That inspiration coming from the past, can hopefully focus on our present and future too. We chose the title, “3rd GENERATION”, for our first EP. It's about moving, continuously looking for something new, never accepting nowadays' apathetic society; and we call you to react and share this. We call for a New Course, for a Great Big Chance… for a 3rd Generation!" -The Backlash

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